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Beach School

We are a ‘Beach School!

St Martin’s School sits proudly on top of the cliffs between Scarborough’s South Bay and Cayton Bay. At the heart of the school’s ethos is a connection to the local area - the coastline and the beaches around it.


St Martin’s is proud to be a Beach School.


Each child, as they journey through St Martin’s, enjoys a unique set of experiences. Our bespoke Beach Schools curriculum ensures that every child in every class makes a minimum of six visits to the beach every school year.


Often walking to the local beaches on our doorstep, children are given the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of them in a variety of ways. This includes sea glass and shell collecting to create artwork as well as playing games using the natural resources that the beach provides.


Children also learn about local marine life and how to care for the environment when rock pooling, scavenging and litter picking. Older children have the opportunity to safely light fires to make hot chocolate and how to subsequently ‘leave no trace.’


Our Beach School curriculum is carefully planned to ensure progression.


This is all driven by a team of passionate staff who believe strongly in Beach School learning and the opportunities it allows for children to learn outside of their usual classroom environment.


Once a child enters Year 3, they begin an exciting, additional, experience, which ends at the end of Year 5, as they work towards becoming a ‘Coastal Citizen’.


‘Coastal Citizens’ is all about developing a deeper understanding and knowledge of what it means to live in a coastal town like Scarborough.


Children make links with local businesses and organisations such as the RNLI and Sea Grown. They also become proactive advocates for a cleaner, greener environment by conducting surveys and beach cleans.


By the end of Year 5 children are rewarded for their achievements by gaining their ‘Coastal Citizen’ badge, which they can proudly wear throughout Year 6. They help younger children to learn by passing on their knowledge, as well as being inspirational to them as they each strive to achieve their own ‘Coastal Citizen’ award.



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